Nisha Menon

Clinical Hypnotherapist / Transpersonal Regression Therapist/ Family Constellation Facilitator

Nisha Menon is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Regression

Therapist, and Family Constellations Facilitator at Hope Wellbeing


Nisha assists her clients to uncover their hidden blocks and

patterns that are deeply embedded in their subconscious mind.

She focuses on deep healing techniques that empower her

clients to live their life in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

She is a true example of the saying that “Everything is possible,

if there is a will”. She herself is a winner of many tough life

experiences including cancer and her fighting stories are

truly inspirational for many.

With her personal life experiences, corporate life background

and educational qualifications, she can guide people to come out

of their most difficult situations and move forward in their life.

Nisha offers a range of holistic modalities integrating mind,

body, and soul work which enables her clients to uncover, heal and

reprogram the beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that hold them back from

a life of inexplicable freedom from within.

Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist – EKAA India / Illuminations, UAE
  • Certified Facilitator for Family Constellations, Illuminations, UAE & India
  • Transpersonal Regression Therapist – TASSO Institute, Netherlands.
  • Metaphor Therapy –The Counselling Company/ Illuminations, India/UAE
  • NLP/Master Practitioner- UAE/ India

Holistic Approaches Include:

  • Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Transpersonal Regression Therapy
  • Family Constellations
  • Metaphor Therapy
  • Energy Imbalance Diagnosis and Cleansing
  • Life Coaching

Services Offered:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Transpersonal Regression Therapy
  • Family Constellations Therapy
  • Metaphor Therapy
  • Chakra Imbalance Diagnosis
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Empowerment Workshops
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Meditations

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