Theta Healing is a body/ brain healing technique that utilizes the universal energy that flows through everything to produce instantaneous and permanent physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. With this method, you will be guided to drift into a deep relaxed, trance-like state to focus your attention on understanding your belief systems, fears traumas, and emotional repressions.

Theta Healing is built around the fact that your conscious and unconscious beliefs directly impact your emotional well being, consequently affecting the well-being of your physical health. In other words, it is believed when emotional blockages occur, the flow of spiritual energy in the body is restricted.

Therefore, at its very center, Theta healing is structured to remove a person’s restricting subconscious blockages, connecting to a higher source, to tap into higher energy and stimulate physical healing. Scientists found out that the theta frequency can; lower stress and nervousness, lead to deep relaxation, better the mental clarity and creativity, lessen the pain, and increase euphoria.

There are five significant frequencies in the human brain, that are, Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta and we normally use them one at a time; each frequency tends to be dominant, depending on the circumstance. The theta wave is the strongest one during meditation, deep internal focus, prayer, or hypnosis. During this state, it is easier to reprogram your subconscious; to eliminate those negative thoughts and replacing them with positive focused ones, get rid of barriers with family and friends, and elevate emotional and mental power.

Theta healing is an excellent point for you to start working on yourself. Using this technique, our practitioners will work with you on your self-discovery and self-healing journey. They will help you uncover multi-layers of limiting beliefs, resolve them. Guide you to align your thoughts and feelings with the universe energetic vibration, giving you the power to attract what you desire and transform your life the way you want it to be.

The benefits our Theta Healing Sessions:

  • Get professional help with depression, letting go of resentment and feelings of rejection, burdening traumas, and phobias.
  • Get access to a safe and supportive area where you can freely express yourself
  • Have  the right guidance on how to grow harmonious relationships
  • Make a stronger and spiritual connection
  • Become more confident
  • Unlock your creative potential
  • Get expert help with healing physical illness
  • Learn the right tools to Manifest your dreams and goal, reveal your ideal career, and create abundance and wealth

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