When we are born, we are pure Essence, pure entities! Though we gradually lose touch with who we are deep-inside as we grow, it is never totally gone!

At some point in life we fall into fragmented inner pieces, we begin to take on self-images of who we think we should be based on the mirror we are given by outside influences. Such as societal conformity that often influences us to suppress our individualities and change our behaviors or believes to fit in with a group. Or past experiences that triggered the development of trauma, whether through abandonment, rejection, or any type of abuse.

Here the scars are deep & subtle and often pushed into the unconsciousness but still very real, as they affect the buildup of our personalities and our approach to life & adult relationships.

Transpersonal treatment is ideal for those who may feel something is missing in their lives, but they are not sure what it is, that is beyond materialistic achievement and more like existential & spiritual. For those who wish to break self-limiting beliefs, move on from past hurts, and unlock their full potentials as human beings to live a more fulfilling life. This coaching is a holistic healing intervention that sees beyond the “person”, it is centered on the spiritual aspects of human life, on the idea of healing and connecting with the spiritual center or self within each individual. It is an approach to understanding the way our minds operate through our relationships with others, resting in the belief that there is something greater and deeper affecting our experiences more than meets the eyes.

Therefore, much like your mind and body sometimes need treatment, your spirituality and other intangible aspects of yourself often require healing of a sort.

Benefits of our transpersonal Psychology program:

  • Gives clients a professional help to make a map of their inner-terrain, bringing deep understanding to who they are and how they got to where they currently are, their direction in life, and tools for the journey
  • Our therapist may draw from a variety of different spiritual practices for tools and methods such as use Self-exploratory exercises, meditation, guided visualization, mindfulness practices, etc. To help clients explore various levels of consciousness, guide them through troubled times.
  • Building on the strengths qualities and resilience of our clients in the context of their environments and relationships; they can get an endorsing spiritual healing centered program through support, consultation, and supervision.
  • Will get professional help to explore the spiritual self and with the therapist’s guidance, clients will find, build, and expand on their inner strengths and resources to create a healthier state of mind and a more balanced and meaningful life.
  • Each client has different developmental needs over their lifespan and different approaches to coaching are available to suit their needs or personality.
  • Get access to an accommodating environment for the development of spiritual and emotional intelligence, that will able them to recognize the nature of reality as an inter-connected, inter-related whole which will help them heal the fragmented condition of their inner-self.
  • Access to coaching that integrates traditional spiritual practices into modern psychology and emphasizes positive influences and role models rather than concentrating on negative experiences.


Book now your session and join our team who will walk you hand in hand throughout your learning and healing journey.